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Schoolbelles Buying Guide


Students in 1st to 8th grade wear the St. Gabriel School Uniform.


  • Navy Blue basic-A-Line Jumper (not more than 1” above mid-knee, or at the top of the knee)
  • White blouse with “Peter Pan”(round) collar
  • Navy Blue knee socks or Navy Blue tights/hose
  • 1st – 5th Grade: Navy Blue/Black tie shoe or Mary Janes/NO SNEAKERS
  • 6th – 8th Grade: Navy Blue/Black tie shoe/NO SNEAKERS


  • Navy Blue pants held above the hips with a dark belt/ NO CARGO PANTS
  • White golf shirt WITH LOGO (shirts must be tucked inside pants at waist)
  • Navy or White socks
  • Black tie shoe/ NO SNEAKERS

PRE-K AND KDG Children: wear the P.E. uniform as their daily uniform.  In the warm weather, it is navy blue shorts and tee shirts.  In cold weather, it is navy blue sweat pants and shirt with logo. Sneakers may be tied or velcro.

ALL Students: Navy Blue sweatshirt with our school logo is worn in the classroom in cold weather (no other outer apparel may be worn over the school uniform in class).


Navy Blue Gym Uniform with school logo is worn to school only on the day a student has Physical Education Class (PRE-K-8).

COLD WEATHER                                    WARM WEATHER

Navy blue sweat suit                            Navy blue tee shirt/shorts

(logo on shirt/pants)                           (logo on shirt/shorts)


The school uniform is available at Cramers Kids, Edie’s and BoysTown-GirlsTown. The Gym uniform with school logo must be purchased at one of the above stores. PRE-K and KDG children use the gym uniform as their daily uniform.

Any additions to the school uniform or specifics of the school uniform are not allowed.


 JEWELRY: Jewelry in general may not be worn.  Only a simple, religious medal or cross and small post earrings (for girls) are allowed.   Boys may not wear earrings to school.

MAKE-UP: No make-up, long nails, artificial nails, or tattoos are allowed. Tattoos on the arms, legs or anyplace that is visible are inappropriate and are not permitted.

HAIR: Hair is to be neatly groomed (boys’ hair trimmed above the collar: girl’s and boys’ hair away from the eyes), with no exotic, styles, spikes, tails, etc.

HATS/CAPS: Hats/caps may not be worn, carried, or hung from a belt in the classroom or school building.

Parents are asked to cooperate with the school in its enforcement of the uniform policy.